beetle mark tree

beetle-killed blue stained pine mantle aluminum mark tree

the chime:


beetle percussion cuts and shapes each and every aluminum bar on our mark trees and cluster chimes. After cutting, we smooth the ends, drill the nodal hole then bevel the hole and ends, constantly tuning the bar by ear as metal is slowly removed. Then sand, clean and polish the aluminum until it is has a mirror finish. These steps done by one person ensures that each bar is crystal sharp in tone, resonance and projection. Each mark tree is made one at a time, each bar hand crafted for each individual instrument. No factory assembly. We choose to use the best T6 tempered solid round aluminum stock available for our mark trees.

the cord:


Because we bevel the nodes on each bar there is little chance of fraying or cutting through the cords. None the less, we still chose to use Kevlar cord so that your chimes last a lifetime. Not just any Kevlar either - spear-gun line. It's ultra high strength, ultra low stretch and superior knot retention mean that once tightened our knot will stay tight. It also avoids the problems of knot creep or stretch inherent in other high performance fibers.

the mantle


Our mantle is of course made from our finest hand selected pieces of beetle killed pine. No two mantles are the same and we ensure that we use heavily blue stained pieces because the mantle is so visible. Each mantle is cut, holes drilled, sanded, oiled and sealed by hand. The holes are cut to size so the cord knot tucks in tightly leaving the chime unimpeded to swing naturally on the cord. Because pine is not particularly hard, we have integrated a cymbal sleeve in to the mounting hole to extend the life of the mantle. We also include felts to secure it tightly to a cymbal stand.

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