beetle drum set accessories now available

beetle-killed urban ash and recycled car tire rubber

We are happy to introduce the first of many Beetle drum set accessories! The Beetle Sizzle is hand made from the scraps of our Ash and Tenor pads. A thick Zildjian felt is recessed and glued in the Ash ring and the hole is large enough to still accommodate plastic sleeves. We looked at all the sizzles that exist today and tried to improve on every aspect of them. We wanted to give you the choice to use the felt side or wood side on the bell and placed the sizzle exit in the middle of the ring so as much contact by the sizzle balls with the cymbal is possible. The Beetle Eco-Ring is the first drum mute we have produced. It is made from recycled car tires and is 3/16 thick. It kills the overtones and severely deadens the snare without lowering the tone too much. It also allows for a hi smacking rim shot. Like everything we make, these also exist from many great companies. This is our hand made and ecologically helpful entry in to the drum set accessory market. Help support green hand made percussion and make a positive impact!

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