beetle pine practice pads

beetle-killed blue stained pine and recycled car tire rubber

Global temperatures have facilitated a pine beetle epidemic over the last decade and the result is millions of acres  of dead forest in the West. In the Colorado Rocky Mountains alone, there are over 3.3 million acres of woodland that has been killed by a beetle infestation. The beetles burrow into the bark of the trees laying their eggs, and in the process a fungus carried by the beetles infects, kills and turns it's grain into a blue-grey color. Beetle Percussion produces our hand made ecologically helpful drum pads and other percussion products from these Colorado pines and other North American beetle-killed trees. We source the majority of our lumber from Colorado, but also other beetle affected states like 200 year old pines from Montana and beetle-killed ash trees from Kansas City. We give new life to an eyesore that would otherwise continue to produce carbon and remain a fire hazard. Our goal is to use as many recycled and reclaimed materials as possible to hand craft unique, high quality percussion products. The playing surface is made from recycled car tires from California. Of all the pads you own, shouldn’t at least one be good for the environment?


Beetle Percussion Practice Pad:  Travel,  Single,  Double  &  Artist Series:


• 13" or 9” diameter 1 1/2" tall hand harvested beetle-killed pine from Colorado


• Each wood disc is milled, assembled, sanded, and oiled by hand - no two are the same


• 11 1/2" or 7 1/2" round 100% recycled car tire rubber playing surface from California


• The thick wood resonates and the pines tone reveals grip inconsistencies


• The original ecologically helpful drum pad


• The only drum pad "painted" by beetles - no two the same


• 100% hand made from 100% American materials


• A reclaimed, environmentally helpful, green practice pad

For something you spend so much time with, why not play a pad that looks great, feels great, has a great story, and represents positive change?    - James W. Doyle III   Assistant Professor of Music Adams State University, Percussion and Jazz

"Have you ever been blown away by a drum practice pad? Neither have I... until now! beetle pads have an amazing feel, are artfully made and ecologically friendly. The perfect pad!"

Thomas  Burritt:

beetle ash practice pads

beetle-killed urban ash and recycled car tire rubber

You know when you walking down the street of your favorite city and you take a breath and it works? Well, it works because of trees and plants provide us oxygen! They renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They are also our cities' filters that clean our atmosphere by intercepting airborne particles, and by absorbing ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other greenhouse gases. A single tree can absorb 10 pounds of air pollutants a year, and produce nearly 260 pounds of oxygen- enough to support two people. The Ash tree is one of a few native American species that can flourish with our cities high pollution. It is a beautiful durable hard wood that half of all American baseball bats are made from. And soon, this generation perhaps, it could go extinct from our planet. Why? BEETLES!


The emerald ash borer beetle, a native of East Asia, has already devastated entire ash populations in northern cities such as Detroit, where it first appeared in 2002. Since then, the insect has swept into 22 states across the country. In the summer of 2012 it reached the Kansas City metropolitan area. There are seven billion ash trees in North America, and within the next few decades, the beetle could kill most of them—a die-off ten times bigger than the one caused by Dutch elm disease. In big cities, where ash species account for up to a quarter of trees in public spaces, planners must consider the environmental consequences of the massive die-off like liability hazards, an increase in storm water runoff, and the simple problem of disposing of millions of dead trees. Eight years after the initial discovery of the beetles in an area, about 50 percent of the ash population will die—all at once. The rest die within another two to three years. In the Kansas City metropolitan area, 6.4 million ashes are on track to die in 2015 unless they receive insecticide treatment.


To process the influx of dead trees two private Kansas City businesses, Missouri Organic and Urban Lumber Company, entered a partnership with the city. They established drop-off sites for homeowners and arborists. Urban Lumber gets first dibs on wood that's usable for milling, and Missouri Organic turns the rest into mulch. We source our Ash from Urban Lumber and turn it into percussion!


We are proud to introduce the first of many instruments to use Ash from our home town of KC - the Ash Pad. It is super durable and thin. It is double sided with recycled car tire rubber and has 1/4” and 3/16” playing surfaces. It is 11 1/2” in diameter and has a 10” diameter playing surfaces. It is super thin at only an 1/8” over 1” tall! Even though it is so thin, it doesn't have an annoying ring or resonance because it is made of dense, solid Ash. It has a fast woody tonal decay and is articulate like all of our pads to hear every stroke.


Beetle Percussion Ash Pad:


•Double Sided


• Super tough durable Ash solid wood core


• Thinnest solid double sided pad available 1 1/8" tall


• Thin wood resonates to reveal grip inconsistencies


• 11 1/2" Diameter and 10" diameter plying surface


• Thin, Durable, Affordable, mobile, green


• 100% hand made from 100% American materials


• A reclaimed, environmentally helpful, green practice pad

beetle tenor practice pads

beetle-killed urban ash and recycled car tire rubber

The Beetle Percussion Tenor Pad is made from beetle killed and reclaimed Ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer epidemic in Kansas City that has killed millions of these important urban trees. Ash is the species of tree used to make many baseball bats from so we can make these 3/4" thin and still have incredible durability as well as resonance from the hard wood. They are full sized tenor pads made from 3/16 recycled car tire rubber from California. A 6" tall spock zone, 10" 12" 13" 14" sit on top of recessed zone holes routed out of the bottom. We have also included anti skid tabs for setting on flat surfaces as well as recessed holes for snare stands. There is a comfortable ergonomic carrying handle and we have rounded and hand sanded all the edges for an amazing hand made feel. 100% hand made and crafted from recycled American materials. The Beetle tenor pad is an important addition to our pad lineup and will help use a lot of recycled materials!


Beetle Percussion Tenor Pad:


• 3/16" rubber pads 6" tall spock zone, 10" 12" 13" 14"


• Super tough durable Ash solid wood core


• Recessed tone zone holes, ergonomic handle



• Thin wood resonates to hear tone


• Recessed snare stand holes and anti skid tabs on bottom


• 100% hand made from 100% American materials


• A reclaimed, environmentally helpful, green tenor pad

beetle marching pads

snare pad - recycled wood fiber core covered with recycled car tire rubber

Beetle Percussion Double Sided Marching Pad:


• 13 1/2" full sized and 10" available both 1 1/2" tall


• Recycled wood fiber core - very hard


• Stick and ear saving rubber rim


• You can tell a shot from a tick or miss


• Rim side has 3/16" tire rubber


• Bottom side has 1/4" tire rubber

Imagine how many car tires we could keep out of land fills and oceans if every drummer that owns another brands marching pad got a practice pad completely covered with recycled car tires? Our new marching pad uses about 1/5 of a car tire so please help spread the word to all marching percussionists and together we can make a real impact. We are more than hand made percussion, we have a mission, and together we can make a positive difference in the environment. The Beetle Percussion marching pad is the first with a soft, stick and ear saving 1/4” car tire rubber rim. You can audibly tell the difference between a shot and a miss. It comes in standard 13 1/2” and a 10” travel sizes and sits 1 1/2” tall. It has a recycled wood waste core completely covered with car tire rubber. The rim side has the faster, thinner 3/16" rubber for rudimental and the bottom has the general chop building 1/4" rubber.

beetle floppy pads

a single 1/4" tall piece of 13 1/2" or 10" recycled car tire rubber

Beetle Percussion Floppy Pad:


• 13 1/2" & 10" diameter, 1/4" tall


• Recycled car tire rubber


• "Flop" it on any hard surface and play


• Super thin and light weight


• Affordable way to support green percussion


• Not recommended as a snare mute (hard surface only)

Imagine how many car tires we could keep out of landfills and oceans if every drummer used pads made from recycled car tires? Our new "Floppy" pad was created as we threw around the cut rubber circles and played on them around the shop on different surfaces before they were glued on our pad bases. We realized that these could work as a thin, light, affordable, convenient pad. Make sure you "Flop" them on hard surfaces for the best feel. They come in 13 1/2” and a 10” sizes and sit 1/4” tall.

Jack Fry Signature Pad

beetle killed ash and recycled car tire rubber

Beetle Percussion Jack Fry Signature Practice Pad:


• Toned center for zone and timbre control


• 5 decibel difference between center and edge/guts


• Rimshot zones with car tire cutout design


• Raised 3/16" base for improved resonance


• All new dark walnut stained ash wood base


• Pad sits just over one inch tall

DCI World Champion, Beetle Ambassador and Educator Jack Fry wanted to design a pad that could be used as a teaching tool for zone control on a marching snare drum. The marching arts is a demanding activity where consistent bead placement is vital to create balanced sound and control timbre. The Jack Fry signature marching pad has a  recessed toned center to help players easily hear their placement in the center of the playing surface.  Measuring at a 5 decibel difference, the edge and guts playing zones are clearly quieter than the toned center. Moving just 1 inch away creates a noticeable timbre change. The recycled car tire rubber playing surface is hand cut in a fashion to help with shot zone accuracy and improve rimshot quality. The base of the pad is lifted by a 3/16th inch car tire ring to increase the resonance of the supported tonal area and to provide grip.

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