beetle slapstick

beetle-killed blue stained pine and recycled car tire rubber silent hinge

The Beetle Percussion  Slapstick:


 • Two 2' x 3 3/4" x 3/4' hand selected pieces of Colorado Beetle Killed Pine milled perfectly flat for a perfect "slap"


 • Large handles for all hand sizes. Helps avoid smashing knuckles together when playing and allows for more control.


 • Hinge is made from car tire rubber sheets. It is silent when opening and moving around.


 • The only ecologically helpful slap stick available


 • The only slapstick "painted" by beetles


 • 100% American materials and %100 hand made


 • A reclaimed, environmentally helpful, green slapstick

By purchasing Beetle Percussion products you help:


• Mitigate forest fires by reducing fuel loads


• Improve forest health and reduce threat of wildfire


• Remove sections of beetle affected decaying forest


• Replace dead carbon producing trees with CO2 consumers


• Help keep tires from landfills and oceans


• Support small American businesses

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