beetle sleigh bells

beetle-killed blue stained pine turned handle and recycled car tire playing surface for silent up and down

The Beetle Percussion Sleigh Bells consist of 35 steel E flat 1.25" bells, a large comfortable hand turned handle, large beveled playing surface on bottom so bells won't slip, top and bottom recycled car tire rubber covered playing surfaces, two flat places to silently sit on, silent lifting and setting down, bells aligned for short, crisp attacks with fast decay, we foam tab the back of the bell rivets to control vibration and to keep the bells taught for articulation and use thick, high quality American made webbing to rivet the bells to. All hand made and assembled, and of course, made from earth friendly beetle killed pine and recycled car tires! These are the finest hand made sleigh bells available used by the world's best musicians and symphonies (like Will James, Principal Percussion St. Louis Symphony pictured below).

By purchasing Beetle Percussion products you help:


• Mitigate forest fires by reducing fuel loads


• Improve forest health and reduce threat of wildfire


• Remove sections of beetle affected decaying forest


• Replace dead carbon producing trees with CO2 consumers


• Help keep tires from landfills and oceans


• Support small American businesses

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